graduation works exhibition

hello now we're exhibit our graduation works at aoyama spiral garden!
hope to see you at there!
ciao xoxo

my works (past 5)

'&' exhibition at zokei gallary.

wimpy flowers.

my works (past 4)

'&' fashion show 2

wimpy flowers.

models masashi matsuda,kansei wada, terumi kouno, asami satou.

my works (past 3)

'&' fashion show

sailors and golden flowers.

models max st aubin,shota suga, yoshie miyazawa

my works (past 2)

original tees.

onion and grape's peel dying + silk screen printing.

my works (past)

at zob 08' exhibition

title: as above,as below


so long////

hi i have been super busy!

well now..i am so exciting for fujirock....i am gonna be a hippieeeee*


we opened tee shirts store only 2 weeks in koenji!

come and see our tee then buy it:)

all of them are super cool, we also made some re-make tee,thats really incredible.
i am waiting for you!

2009.7/22(wed) - 8/3(mon) ※ only 2weeks!!!

open 12:00 - 18:00

[ closing party ] 8/2(sun) ...13:00 - 17:00 some BANDS&DJ